Roxton Church of England Academy

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Attendance is a very important aspect of school life. We aim to work very closely with parents to ensure that all children attend regularly and punctually. If your child is ill or unable to attend school for any reason, it is your responsibility to inform us by 10.00am on the first day of absence.


If your child has any kind of tummy upset or sickness they need to be kept off school for 24 hours from the last time they were ill. If you need any clarification please contact the school office.


Absence During Term Time


Since September 2013 the law states that parents and carers do not have the right to take their child out of school except in exceptional circumstances.


These circumstances might include a family wedding abroad which the child has to attend, time off for religious observance, a family event which can be described as having real educational value or a visit to a new school.


Each request is treated individually and the headteacher’s decision is final. Part of the decision making process will include the child’s attendance record.


If you choose to take a holiday in school time, or if your child fails to return from an event by the agreed date, this will be recorded as unauthorised absence and may, in certain circumstances, incur a fine from the Education and Welfare Office


Routine medical, dental and optician appointments should be made out of school hours as these can be very disruptive to your child’s education and progress. We do appreciate though, that hospital and orthodontist appointments are usually during the school day and will be accommodated as valid reasons to be out of school. We would ask to see an appointment card or letter with the request for time off.


To request any time out of school please ask for a form from the school office. Once completed it should be returned to the Headteacher.