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Learning Powers

Learning Powers

These were introduced to teach our children about the behaviours needed to be a successful life long learner. They are celebrated with dojos and children receive a certificate when they have demonstrate the behaviour consistently. When a child has achieved all 8 they will receive a reward for collecting all the powers and becoming a Learning Hero.


Each behaviour has been linked with a character to help our children, remember the learning characteristics.


Bertie Bee - Learning Relationships

Sid Spider - Making connections

Oscar Owl - Reflection

Tommy Tortoise - Resilience and Perseverance

Flossy Flamingo - Balance and Coordination

Percy Parrot - Reasoning

Urusla Unicorn - Creativity and Imagination

Clara the Cat - Curiosity 

Bertie the Bee

My Super Power is learning relationships


I am great at working as part of a team or with a partner. I like to listen to my peers and work together to solve problems.



How can you earn a Bertie Bee Award?

  • Show your values of kindness, respect, responsibility and teamwork.
  • When working with a partner, make sure to listen to what they have to say and share your own ideas.
  • Show that you can be part of a working team as part of a project or activity.

Sid Spider

My super power is making connections

I think about everything and always look to find ways to spin my super web to join it all together. I use my mind to remember where I have seen or heard something before and find ways to join it up with new learning I experience.


How can you earn a Sid Spider Award?

  • Make connections in your learning. Think about other things you have learnt about and talk about how they link.
  • Use joined up thinking to show how you understand something new, use learning from other lessons or topics to help you with your new learning.

Oscar Owl

My Super Power is reflection


Like a mirror, I like to look and see what is staring back at me. I am wise and think about what I have done in the past to make today a better day. I learn from mistakes and make improvements when I think I could have done a better job.


How can you earn an Oscar Owl Award

  • Be reflective, think about what you have learnt or experience in the past and use this to help you make better decisions in the present and future.
  • Use prior learning to support new learning.
  • Learn from mistakes, trying to avoid repeating the same mistakes by thinking about what happened the last times you worked on the challenge and what you could do better the next time.

Tommy Tortoise

My Super Power is resilience and perseverance.


When things get tough or I am faced with a challenge, I stay calm and work through it until the end. I can take my time because I know I will succeed if I keep trying and never give up.


How can you earn a Tommy Tortoise Award?

  • Use your values of resilience and perseverance.
  • Don't give up when things get tough keep going and it will get easier.
  • Show that you are willing to try new challenges
  • Stay calm and keep going until you learn something new.

Flossy Flamingo

My Super Power is balance and coordination.


I have great control over my movements and organisation. I can balance and move carefully and swiftly, almost like a ninja. I am organised, I will always be where I am supposed to be on time, ready and prepared.


How can you earn a Flossy Flamingo Award?

  • Show neat, joined handwriting, using your coordination skills to demonstrate good letter formation.
  • Work hard in P.E. and at play times to show good balance and coordination in your gross motor movements.
  • Be ready and prepared for your lessons, showing that you have what you need or you know where to get it.

Percy Parrot 

My Super Power is reasoning


I work out why things have happened and determine the next the next steps because of something I already know. I am great at listening to questions and working out the solutions. I can talk-a-lot especially about why I have an answer to the problem and how I got there.


How can you earn a Percy Parrot Award?

  • Talk! Talk lots about your learning and how you know what you do.
  • Work out and share explanation for your answers.
  • Use what you find out to inform your future answers and share why you have chosen to solve problems in the way you have using this thinking.

Ursula the Unicorn

My Super Power is creativity and imagination.


I have a super powerful mind; I can create worlds and wonderous creates just by sitting where I am. I play games, write stories, create songs and dances, draw pictures and make sculptures, all with great confidence in myself. I solve problem in ways other may not think about and work hard to find new and imaginative solutions to problems.


How can you earn an Ursula Unicorn Award?

  • Do not be afraid to be creative share your ideas - no matter how different they are.
  • Use your own medium to demonstrate your learning, use singing, dancing, drawing, painting, story writing or anything else that helps you show your learning.
  • Be brave with your language, use exciting vocabulary that makes me want to travel into your mind and see what else you can think of.

Clara the Cat

My Super Power is curiosity.


What do you think it means? I love to find things out; I ask many questions. Do you think that is a good Super Power? Of course you do!



How can you earn a Clara the Cat Award?

  • Show curiosity in your learning by asking questions.
  • Use phrases like "I wonder why..." "How do you know if..."
  • Make sure you question how and why things work.
  • Check your learning and work through asking yourself curious questions.