Roxton Church of England Academy

In faith we learn and grow together

A message from the CEO of our Trust after a visit to Roxton CE Academy today!

Dear Roxton staff,

I just wanted to say how lovely it was to see you today, and how much I enjoyed talking to your pupils! You have clearly worked SO hard on the curriculum for them, and their conversations were, as a consequence, an utter delight. They said wonderful things like:

I love…… (and then every subject that a school could teach! Which made it clear that you really do bring all subjects alive for them)
‘The work here is fun and challenging – and I love that’
‘I like that fact that the things we learn are not too hard and not too easy – so we make progress’
‘We are one big team in Roxton, so we all help each other to learn and look after each other’
‘The book was about being kind. We like to be kind.’

I was ambushed by books and conversations about Invaders, Movers and Shakers, art, maths, reading, English, science, RE, letters, sounds!!!

Thank you so much for all of the work and love you put into the school for the benefit of Roxton pupils.

Kind regards,

Carole Bennett MEd MCCT

CEO/Trust Leader